Who We Are

Our staff of certified massage therapists are dedicated to contributing to the health and well-being of your employees.

Our massage therapists are the best in San Francisco! We excel in administering ethical and professional therapeutic services in corporate environments. We strive for excellence in every way possible. Each therapist has over 1000+ hours of training, maintains both national and state certifications, city licenses, professional liability insurance, and invests in annual continuing education. We guarantee that our services are as unique and relaxing as they are safe, economical, and effective.

Our Founder

Carrie Stone

Carrie Stone is the founder of MassageLogic LLC. Carrie has been a practicing massage therapist since 2001 and has acquired over 1500+  hours of study and apprenticeships. 


Carrie understands corporate culture with its wildly fluctuating headcounts, relocations, last minute meetings, scaling pressures, and mounting responsibilities. After observing company environments for 18 years, she has created a full-proof plan to integrate long-term massage services that will assist any company, of any size, foster a culture based on practices that support grounding, goodwill, and gratitude, thereby thwarting and transforming destructive stress into positive productivity.


She has developed a deep appreciation for how our bodies react to and manage stressful situations. Carrie and her team assist their corporate partners in  identifying and accepting (positive and negative) stress as a natural result of company growth. MassageLogic therapists offer therapeutic bodywork and wellness resources that encourage a gentle course correction toward healthier self-care practices when stress begins to establish itself in negative ways.


It is Carrie's intention to provide her clients with wellness resources and bodywork that will inform and support their everyday efforts to live a long and prosperous life. 


What we bring

We understand office culture. Our massage services, self-sufficiency, and daily operations are tailored to meet the therapeutic needs of your employees and reduce the impact an onsite benefit will have on your WorkOps team.


Where We Practice

We collaborate with your company to maximize health benefits by providing professional and economical onsite massage services. 


OUR Services

MassageLogic has created our service model with your company in mind.
We value your company and it's most valuable assets - your employees and products.


Conservative Presence - Confidentiality -  Safety

  • We understand that your work environment is always bustling. We require minimum space to perform our sessions and to store our equipment.

  • We understand that confidentiality is a priority. Our practitioners will honor your confidentiality and nondisclosure policies at all times. 

  • We understand that your health histories and other personal details must be kept private and secure. Our practitioners follow ethical practices for health intakes which are based on professional service guidelines published by NCBTMB.org and AMTA.org. We will never solicit your employees or share their private information with anyone.

Additional Services

  • Free online scheduling with Calendly.com.

  • $15 off when your employees book with one of our onsite therapists at their private practice (prices may vary).

  • Access to onsite therapists when you need to book special events, conferences, birthdays, or promotions. ​

Chair Massage

Our detailed chair sessions are designed to relieve body tension in the upper thoracic: back, shoulders, arms, hands, and neck. In as little as 15-minutes our techniques will improve concentration, elevate energy and mood, and increase productivity.

Massage on the Mat

Our massage practitioners skillfully adapt a variety of powerful massage modalities to the mat for immediate relief from edema and tension in the lower extremities, which results in improvement of both circulatory and digestive function.

Onsite Massage Instruction

Is your company looking for a new team building experience?

We provide a fun and practical all-level massage course for 10 or more participants. Ask us about providing an after hours couples massage workshop at the office. Students will learn helpful body mechanics, a 30-minute massage routine, and self-care techniques.


What Clients Say

"MassageLogic services were easily implemented into our company's programming and our weekly massage benefit is fully utilized!"

-- R.Genochio, Checkr Facilities

"I have the absolute pleasure of getting chair massages at my work via MassageLogic! Carrie, Joe and Suntharee always give great massages in their own personal style. I can't even begin to tell you how truly blessed I am to have them in my life. Thank you MassageLogic!"

-- Kristen Schroeder - Airtable, Workplace Ops

"Our company started off small and were able to easily scale their services at our San Francisco HQ office and start new wellness programs in our New York and Vancouver offices. The massage experience is empowered by technology (intakes, usage reports and scheduling) making it easy for my employees to access service when it's convenient for them and communications directly with the therapists as needed."

-- Laylee Asgari - Segment Workplace Ops


Who We Work With

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MassageLogic is a wellness-focused staffing agency offering companies access to exceptional wellness professionals for their onsite health programs. MassageLogic specializes in vetting new and experienced talent, short and long-term placement, and development of onsite programs that enhance and promote a healthy company culture. MassageLogic is based in San Francisco and serves the San Francisco Bay Area, Colorado, and New York.

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