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Mindfulness-Based Study for Corporations: A Guided Meditation Intervention

The intervention and research are developed in collaboration with some of the leading psychologists, finance, and business minds from Silicon Valley, including but not limited to Dr. Renee Snow, Dr. Ted Esser, and Dr. Robert Wood.
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Mindfulness-Based Study for Corporations: A Guided Meditation Intervention

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Oct 14, 2020, 7:00 PM – Mar 31, 2021, 11:00 PM
This research study is ongoing.

About the Event

Dear Clients,

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Abhishek Patil and endorse his ground breaking study in mindfulness meditation and productivity! I have spoken extensively with Abhishek about his belief in the transformative power of meditation and his profound revelations about our everchanging work environments (gleaned while working as a professional graphic designer) and it is obvious that his wisdom has driven him, along with his exceptional team of Silicon Valley's finest minds, to create and share this truly relevant study.

And yes, there would be incredible savings and benefits! It is worth noting that providing access to an ongoing meditation program for your entire company would cost roughly $16/per employee (@ 500 employees = $8,000) for a full month of daily meditations, a mindfulness meditation tutorial, and access to BlueJay TeleHealth's app technology, which will supply your company with user surveys and statistics.

Please consider enrolling your company or offering your employees a chance to participate in this study. This is a win-win experience that will encourage and support your efforts to improve employee engagement, employee well-being, and serve our corporate and wellness communities with much needed research. 

With gratitude,



I’m Abhishek Patil, a Psychology Ph.D. Student at Sofia University. I’m looking for a company to participate in a study that tests the benefits of Guided mindfulness-based meditation for productivity on potentially increasing employee performance/potential and increasing the employer’s overall revenue.

This study uses bleeding-edge technology to deliver the mindfulness-based intervention to the participants following all social distancing regulations and other COVID-19 guidelines. The intervention and research are developed in collaboration with some of the leading psychologists, finance, and business minds from Silicon Valley, including but not limited to Dr. Renee Snow, Dr. Ted Esser, and Dr. Robert Wood.

This transformative study is completely free to enroll in with the criteria being that your company must be considered a part of the technology industry.

Mindfulness-based guided meditation has a proven history of transforming lives and helping individuals reach their maximum potential. This study is focused on doing the same for employees facing stress, anxiety, and performance issues, allowing them to not only excel at their work but also attain a better balance in their daily lives.

Key Points:

  • The study is created and supervised by a team of experts in the field of psychology, meditation, and business.
  • The intervention meditation was developed in collaboration with meditation specialists.
  • The study is designed to be as unintrusive and nondisruptive to your daily life as possible.
  • The meditation is 15 minutes long.
  • Participants can choose to enroll in the one month or three-month duration period.
  • The meditation will be available for daily viewing on the Bluejay Health platform that can be accessed via their website or mobile app. Bluejay Health is fully HIPAA compliant.
  • The result of this study will maintain confidentiality of participants and any and all personal information.
  • Participants are entitled to a personal report of their own results.


Your company can offer to have all employee’s enrolled in the study as a group to encourage accountability and a way to engage a community to volunteer. We can also develop it as a focus exercise or service for the ongoing pandemic or overall productivity.

Your company can also inform your employees about the study and are allowed to join independently.

As a company, if more than 10 participants are enrolled, we can provide you the results of the study maintaining total confidentiality of specific employees.


As a participant you will either be selection in the intervention group or the control group.

If you are selected to become a part of the intervention group, you will be required to access the meditation on either of the platforms and listen and follow the meditation daily for the duration period. That’s it!

The meditation must occur at the beginning of your workday i.e. you should follow the meditation prior to starting to work. You are free to choose what time works best for you and your schedule.

The control group will not follow the meditation but continue their daily live as usual.

In the beginning of the study all participants will fill out a consent form and a short pre-study questionnaire.

At the end of the study / one month (whatever comes sooner) all participants will also fill out a post-study questionnaire.

To become a part of this study or if you have any questions, please contact Abhishek on or 4158598616.

Please feel free to share or forward this post!

In collaboration with: BlueJay Telehealth, Sofia University, and MassageLogic Corporate Wellness

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