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Carrie Stone

Carrie Stone is the founder of MassageLogic LLC. Carrie has been a practicing massage therapist since 2001 and has acquired over 1500+  hours of study and apprenticeships. 


Carrie understands corporate culture with its wildly fluctuating headcounts, relocations, last minute meetings, scaling pressures, and mounting responsibilities. After observing company environments for 18 years, she has created a full-proof plan to integrate long-term massage services that will assist any company, of any size, foster a culture based on practices that support grounding, goodwill, and gratitude, thereby thwarting and transforming destructive stress into positive productivity.


She has developed a deep appreciation for how our bodies react to and manage stressful situations. Carrie and her team assist their corporate partners in  identifying and accepting (positive and negative) stress as a natural result of company growth. MassageLogic therapists offer therapeutic bodywork and wellness resources that encourage a gentle course correction toward healthier self-care practices when stress begins to establish itself in negative ways.


It is Carrie's intention to provide her clients with wellness resources and bodywork that will inform and support their everyday efforts to live a long and prosperous life. 

Interested in booking with Carrie at her private practice?

Visit www.massagelogicbodywork.com or contact her at carrie@massagelogic.com

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