Carrie Stone

It is my mission to provide my clients with high quality massage and bodywork in a safe, hygienic, and peaceful environment in order to better assist them in their efforts to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

I am dedicated to providing my clients with organic product options, a range of modalities to suit the client's treatment requests, and education that will allow each client to build their own wellness regime whether at home, at the office, or on the road.


The longevity of my practice is based upon the trust that I have cultivated with my clients, my dedication to on-going education, and my therapeutic professionalism. 




60 MINUTES    $120
90 MINUTES    $145
120 MINUTES  $170


Massage therapy is defined as the application of soft-tissue manipulation techniques to the body and is intended to relieve stress and discomfort while improving circulation. Sessions are conducted in a safe, therapeutic space and encourage the body, mind, and spirit to gently align. Over time, massage therapy brings an inner calmness to the client. Massage therapy does not attempt to replace allopathic care. This massage therapist will not diagnose or attempt to cure any existing illnesses. All sessions offered are strictly therapeutic.

Which translates to "universal healing energy"  is given on the table while clothed. Clients are guided to connect with their healing intentions to create change on a cellular level.

An excellent session for stress reduction and rejuvenation. Additionally, Swedish massage is ideal for detoxing muscle tissue, increasing range of motion, and stimulation of the lymphatic and endocrine systems.

Revives circulation, assists with pain management, decreases scar tissue, and flushes muscle tissue of lactic acid.

Thai Massage clients remain clothed during sessions which are performed on a mat. Traditionally meditative in nature, this choreographed and therapeutic treatment is perfect for grounding and gaining flexibility.

An eclectic blend of deep tissue, Swedish, and Thai massage techniques adapted for the table.

May we all stay inspired and united on our quest for well-being.


I pledge to offer affordable, safe, and reliable bodywork to Bay Area residents, non-profit organizations, and small business employees. Community members, organizers, clinics, and small businesses have made it possible for me to thrive in the Bay Area and it is an honor to give back to those who assist and support so many. If you have any questions about why I believe massage 'perks' shouldn't just be available to large corporations, or if you would like to contact me about massage or register your organization or business, please email or call!


If you are eligible for a company discount, your rate will be adjusted at the time of service.

All gift certificates and series package purchases will be honored at my Hobart location.



The Mochi Studio is a shared office with Mochi Massage & Bodywork in the Hobart Building

582 Market St #908,

San Francisco, CA 94104, USA


(shared office with Mochi Massage & Bodywork)
- No need to sign in with the doorman, unless asked.
- Enter one of the elevators and head to the 9th floor.

If you are eligible for a company discount, please provide the discount code in the NOTES section of your online booking page and the fee adjustment will be made at the time of service.

No problem!

Ask the doorman for access to the bike closet on the 1st floor.
No bikes are allowed on the elevator.
Vehicle parking option

"Fantastic... Carrie strikes the perfect balance between pressure and gentleness. She always listens to what I have to say and is genuine in her interest in my well being. A small oasis of tranquility in our hectic society, she takes the time to help her clients relax - it is a refreshing attitude."


Master of Library and Information Sciences

San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

B.A. in Humanities (Arts and Social Change)

New College of CA - San Francisco, CA


Traditional Thai Medicine Intensive/Level 3 -

Reusi Tevijjo and The Naga Center (72 Hrs)

Naga Center - Portland, OR

Traditional Thai Medicine Intensive  (100 Hrs)

Nephyr Jacobsen and Reusi Tevijjo/Naga Center - Thailand

Introduction to Buddhist Medicine -

Reusi Tevijjo and The Naga Center (30 hours)

Naga Center - Portland, OR

Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage -

Leah Kennedy (32 hours)

SF School of Massage, San Francisco, CA

CPR - Health Care Provider

American Heart Association CA-20784 (May 2013-May 2017)

Oncology Massage - Carolyn Tague (24 hours)

California Pacific Medical Center, SF

Approved National CE Provider #419

Chair Massage & Corporate Work -

Frank Lopez, CMT (11 hours)

SF School of Massage, San Francisco

Dynamic Stretching and Mobilization

Eric Rubin, DC, CMT (16 hours)

SF School of Massage, San Francisco

Advanced Oncology Massage -

Carolyn Tague (24 hours)

Charlotte Maxwell Clinic, Oakland

Ethics: Medical Settings -

Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies (6 hours)

Research Methods for Massage and Holistic Therapies Module 3: Qualitative and Integrative

Research - Home CEU Connection (4 hours)

Trigger Point Release -

Eric Rubin, DC, CMT (16 hours)

SF School of Massage, San Francisco

Teaching Assistant for Leah Kennedy @ SFSM

Pregnancy Massage (32 Hours), San Francisco

Instructor at SF School of Massage 600-Hr program


Advanced Deep Tissue -

Art Riggs @ SFSM (24 hours), SF, CA

Humanscale Ergonomics Certification - (18 hours)

Certificate of Completion: Massage (650 Hrs)

Blue Cliff School of Therapeutic Massage - Metairie, LA

Certificate of Completion: Intro to Thai Massage (14 Hrs)

Stephanie Shrum, LMT - New Orleans, LA

Certificate of Completion: Thai Massage (36 Hrs)

Stephanie Shrum, LMT - New Orleans, LA

Creative Play in Thai Massage (12 Hrs)

Stephanie Shrum, LMT - New Orleans, LA

AOBTA Conference/Thai Abdominal Massage

w/Richard Gold (12 Hrs) - San Francisco, CA

Certificate of Completion:

Ayurveda/Thai Yoga Massage Levels 1 & 2 (79 Hrs)

Lotus Palm School of Massage, Montreal, QC

Prenatal Thai Massage

w/Post-Partum and Infant Massage (16 Hrs)

The Naga Center - Portland, OR

Reiki Level 2

Rio Robbins and Geryll Robinson, D.N.

Reiki Level 3

Geryll Robinson, D.N.

Ethics (12 Hrs)


National Certification Board for Massage Therapy and Bodywork 

Basic Thai Massage Level 1

Teacher's Certification prerequisite (40 Hrs)

The Naga Center - Portland, OR

Thai Massage Level 2

Teacher's Certification prerequisite (40 Hrs)

The Naga Center - Portland, OR

Teaching Assistant for Stephanie Shrum -

Intro to Thai Massage Course (14 Hr)

Touro Hospital, New Orleans, LA

Teaching Assistant for Stephanie Shrum -

Thai Massage Certification Course (40 Hrs)

New Orleans, LA

Teaching Assistant for Rachel Johnson -

Level 1 Thai Massage (40 Hrs)

San Francisco School of Massage, SF, CA

Teaching Assistant for Rachel Johnson -

Level II Thai Massage (40Hrs)

San Francisco School of Massage, SF, CA

Teaching Assistant for Nephyr Jacobsen -

Level 1 Thai Massage (40 Hrs)

Naga Center, Portland, OR


American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia #3224 (exp 04/01/21)
Marsh Affinity Group (Proliability Insurance with AOBTA) #850663 (exp 1/23/21)
CAMTC Permit #18972 (exp 01/24/21)
MLBW - SF Business Permit: #1097617 (exp 3/31/21)
MLBW - SFDPH Permit to Operate: #1097617/H70 99453 (exp 6/15/21)
ML - SF Business Permit: #1057687 (exp 3/31/21)
ML OUTCALL - SFDPH Permit to Operate: #1057687/H69 99399 (exp 6/7/21)
Contact: carrie@massagelogic.com / Tel. 510-590-8371

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