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About Our Private Practice

Carrie Stone

Carrie’s career as a massage therapist began in 2001. Her bodywork has been greatly informed by her extensive training in Swedish, deep tissue, Thai massage (including prenatal and infant Thai massage), Oncology, Prenatal, and Reiki techniques. Carrie’s training and practice have been centered around her intention to provide personalized massage sessions that are educational, therapeutic, and restorative. Carrie listens closely to her clients in order to better tailor each massage to the client’s current state of being, while simultaneously tending to their therapeutic goals as well. Each session is intended to assist the client in increasing flexibility, improving circulation, and embracing strategies for daily body maintenance and support. Carrie’s philosophy is that massage therapy should be an experience that reunites the client’s body with the higher self. She believes this union is experienced when a client is offered an opportunity to reduce stress, detox, and learn about their physical and energetic body as it transitions through its various states of disease and wellness.



Thai Massage

Reiki - 
Which translates to "universal healing energy"  is given on the table while clothed. Clients are guided to connect with their healing intentions to create change on a cellular level.
Swedish Massage - 
An excellent session for stress reduction and rejuvenation. Additionally, Swedish massage is ideal for detoxing muscle tissue, increasing range of motion, and stimulation of the lymphatic and endocrine systems.
Deep Tissue Massage - 
Revives circulation, assists with pain management, decreases scar tissue, and flushes muscle tissue of lactic acid.

Thai Massage on the Mat - 120 mins only
Thai Massage clients remain clothed during sessions which are performed on a mat. Traditionally meditative in nature, this choreographed and therapeutic treatment is perfect for grounding and gaining flexibility.
Fusion - 
An eclectic blend of deep tissue, Swedish, and Thai massage techniques adapted for the table.


Carrie Stone massage

$120 - 60 minutes
$145 - 90 minutes
$170 - 120 minutes


  • If you are eligible for a company discount, your rate will be adjusted at the time of service.

  • All gift certificates and series package purchases will be honored at my Hobart location.

Carrie's Pledge:

I pledge to offer affordable, safe, and reliable bodywork to Bay Area residents, non-profit organizations, and small business employees. Community members, organizers, clinics, and small businesses have made it possible for me to thrive in the Bay Area and it is an honor to give back to those who assist and support so many. If you have any questions about why I believe massage 'perks' shouldn't just be available to large corporations, or if you would like to contact me about massage or register your organization or business, please email or call!.

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Our Private Practice Location

Our Location

Mochi Studio

The Mochi Studio is a shared office with Mochi Massage & Bodywork in the Hobart Building

582 Market St #908,

San Francisco, CA 94104, USA

Entry Instructions:

(shared office with Mochi Massage & Bodywork)
- No need to sign in with the doorman, unless asked.
- Enter one of the elevators and head to the 9th floor.

Company Discounts, Gift Certificates, or Promotional Rates:
If you are eligible for a company discount, please provide the discount code in the NOTES section of your online booking page and the fee adjustment will be made at the time of service.

Have an appointment? Need Bike Parking?
No problem!

Ask the doorman for access to the bike closet on the 1st floor.
No bikes are allowed on the elevator.
Vehicle parking option

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