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Welcome! Carrie Stone has been growing her wellness community since 2001 and she is very pleased to begin sharing them with you!


The practitioners listed below are being featured in this member's only section because Carrie trusts them deeply. Why? Because they are passionate about keeping their practices professional, relevant, and vibrant. Because they prioritizing safety, reliability, and accountability. And because they provide exceptional service and programming 

Carrie believes that each person should have a whole team of practitioners, a wellness council, that they can count on in times of transition or uncertainty. That's why Carrie wants you to grow and maintain a list of YOUR preferred therapists and practitioners so that you will never be without guidance, encouragement, or inspiration as you journey toward balance, health, and clarity.

If you are looking for health and wellness professionals to add to your list or if you would like a bit of guidance now, feel free to reach out to Carrie or any of her colleagues below. We are here to assist you. 

What to Expect:

 - After you choose a therapist, click the link to their website or media content.

 - Some of the services are free and some are offered for a fee.

 - Each practitioner creates their own fee scale and service schedule.

 - These practitioners are not affiliated with MassageLogic, but if you need assistance with booking or making a connection contact

 - All practitioners hold the required insurance and permits for their particular therapy.

Kristen Brookes RDT, LCAT.jpg


Kristen Brookes is a Registered Drama Therapist & Licensed Creative Arts Therapist with over 15 years experience working with elementary, middle and high school students to build self-esteem, manage stress, resolve conflicts, handle transitions, improve relationships, and develop social, emotional and academic skills.






Lindsay McGraw is a doctor of physical therapy and wellness advocate who is passionate about prevention and whole-body health.