Our events can be simple and elegant or full and dynamic.

We've created some examples to assist you with the process.

Let's explore the possibilities...

The results from your team's surveys are in and after some analysis you realize it's time to offer the parents on your staff some quality programming. Great! No problem. Let's set some criteria and make a plan.

- You've got a headcount of 10-50 parents in your organization.

- Virtual programming is optimal.

- Your budget is flexible, but time is tight.

- Your parents want to feel supported, connect with a community, and learn relaxation techniques.

- Everyone in your study confirmed that they would be able to reserve a single night every week for a month to enjoy programs designed just for them, complimentary of their company.

OKAY! Let's design some programming!

- Add a speaker to your event agenda
- Customize the speaker's topic (wellness, ergo, parenting, creativity..)
- Ask the speaker for workbooks, live Q & A, or additional materials
- Request more than one lecture to create a month-long series


1. Choose a topic, then your speaker.

2. Schedule your speaker for a single event or customize content for a weekly event.

3. Customize your event to overlap with other team building exercises.


1. Pick your topic (Let's stick with parenting)

2. Coordinate with your speaker to customize the content.

3. Schedule a family art nite for your remote or onsite employees and their families.


1. Pick your topic (let's say, Parenting)

2. You've secured one of our amazing speakers and your content is created.

3. Schedule prenatal or family yoga for your remote workers.


1. Schedule a speaker.

2. Add supplemental yoga or meditation on subsequent days.

3. Give gift certificates for either an intuitive reading or drama therapy session.

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