Our Services

MassageLogic has created our service model with your company in mind.
We value your company and it's most valuable assets - your employees.


Every chair session is unique and designed to relieve body tension in the upper thoracic: back, shoulders, arms, hands, and neck. In as little as 15-minutes our techniques will improve concentration, elevate energy and mood, and increase productivity.

Our massage practitioners skillfully adapt a variety of powerful massage techniques to the table or mat for immediate relief from edema and tension in the lower extremities, which results in improvement of both circulatory and digestive function.


Practicing yoga in the workplace is a must if you want to bring your company to the next level. Yoga will help your employees transcend professional and creative limitations by asking them to grow through movement and breath techniques. 


The affects of yoga are accumulative, regenerative, and nourishing for the mind, body, and the soul. Offering onsite classes once a day or multiple times a week will ensure that your brilliant staff remain inspired and invigorated.


Is your company looking for a new team building experience?

We provide fun and practical all-level wellness workshops for 10 or more participants.


Ask us about providing an after hours couples massage workshop, art night, or self-care course at the office. Your company is growing because your teams are accomplishing goals and rising to the occasion. Celebrate these accomplishments by fortifying your programming with health and wellness education. Keep your employees well! Keep them vibrant!

How many practitioners do I need for my event? 

We are as excited as you are that your company has given you the green light to order wellness services!

Let's figure out how many massage therapists or yoga sessions you need to accommodate your team.


What Clients Say

"MassageLogic services were easily implemented into our company's programming and our weekly massage benefit is fully utilized!"

-- R.Genochio, Checkr Facilities

"I have the absolute pleasure of getting chair massages at my work via MassageLogic! Carrie, Joe and Suntharee always give great massages in their own personal style. I can't even begin to tell you how truly blessed I am to have them in my life. Thank you MassageLogic!"

-- Kristen Schroeder - Airtable, Workplace Ops

"Our company started off small and were able to easily scale their services at our San Francisco HQ office and start new wellness programs in our New York and Vancouver offices. The massage experience is empowered by technology (intakes, usage reports and scheduling) making it easy for my employees to access service when it's convenient for them and communications directly with the therapists as needed."

-- Laylee Asgari - Segment Workplace Ops


Are you interested in providing regular onsite massage therapy or complimentary therapies like meditation or yoga for your company?